Habit forming

Mindfulness or Mindlessness: One Choice Makes All The Difference

  Life is a miracle to behold From the glistening sheen of dew on the morning grass, to the sonorous chirping of birds outside my window as I write this, to the sheer fact that I am alive -- li...
Habit forming

Why Has CogniTea Started Meditating?

I've recently begun meditating as a way to relax the mind, but I've experienced a whole slew of benefits that I never expected.   As a pleasant surprise, meditation has been shown to help you foc...
Go Getter

How To Change Your Life, One Week At a Time

  Life can feel like it's on autopilot sometimes. We become so accustomed to the routinization of our day to day lives – Wake up. Go to work. Get home. Eat dinner. Watch TV. Go to bed – that ...

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