The Value of Persistence: How Chef Ann is Reinventing School Food
Ann Cooper

The Value of Persistence: How Chef Ann is Reinventing School Food

Chef Ann has a vision to provide every child with daily access to fresh, healthy food.       In a nation where kids have shorter estimated life expectancies than their parents due to diet-r...
Goal Setting

Having It All: How Katy Balances Work, Family, and Fitness

Katy Widrick believes proper planning is the key to a balanced, healthy life. You can have your busy schedule, and that endorphin pumping workout, too.     We already know: Exercise is fou...

It Starts With WHY: How Finding Purpose Can Change Your Life

Gervase Kolmos followed the tried and true path, until one day she realized she wanted to change it all. So she did.     Many of our defining moments are in response to acute pain. When Gervase...

There is No "Perfect Moment:" Success is Starting Before You're Ready

  We venture into unknown territory when we pursue our goals. The ultimate destination looks out of reach, and we oftentimes get stuck before we even begin as the path seems overtly complex.  T...

Starting a Business at the Intersection of Passion and Opportunity

Rob Little packaged his passion for the outdoors and a desire to build a company into a monthly subscription box that is changing the way outdoor enthusiasts interact with some of their favorite (a...
I Can. I Will

Shaun Provost: Live Unbreakable #ICANIWILL

I CAN. I WILL. Spotlight When it was doubted whether Shaun could even finish a Spartan race, she went out and became one of the top racers in the world. Hear Shaun's story and learn how her meteor...

CogniTea's Choices: 15 Local Foods You Have to Try This Holiday Season

Holidays are all about family, friends, and food. Lot’s of food. So we’ve rounded up some of our favorite local (Boston-based) goodies to share with you all. Go ahead and treat a loved one (or your...

Gift Guide + Giveaway: Our Favorite Products to Power Your Holidays

Here at CogniTea, we exist to help power you towards your goals. For you "go-getters" out there who are looking to stay healthy and fit through the holiday season, we've gathered 19 fitness-inspire...
Go Getter

The Marathon Mindset: How to Push Through Adversity with Linzie Starr

Linzie's body gave out at mile 18 during the Ventura Marathon, yet he pushed onward. Hear his story on what it takes to keep going when your body screams, "NO!"     Running a marathon is one o...

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