Upgrade Your Smoothies with CogniTea: The Superfood Smoothie

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Upgrade Your Smoothies with CogniTea

Smoothies are a simple and delicious addition to a healthy lifestyle. Since the advent of the blender, fitness gurus and nutritionists have been whipping up fruits and vegetables, and enjoying the benefits of their liquefied labor.

With a select choice of superfoods and some chilled CogniTea, you can turn your boring fruit smoothie into a powerhouse elixir that delivers a nutritional boost to detox your body, strengthen your immune system, and upgrade your brain and productivity.


What makes Superfoods so "Super"?

The word "Superfood" might sound like clever marketing speak, but some foods simply pack more of a punch. Superfoods are like the queen in chess, they just have all the right moves. For example, the goji berries in CogniTea are a complete protein source (contain all 18 essential amino acids), are one the highest antioxidant foods in the world, contains rich complex polysaccharides, and not mention, they actually taste good too!


CogniTea Superfood Smoothie

With a little practice in alchemy, we here at CogniTea have crafted up a batch of smoothie recipes that are bound to not only satisfy your taste buds, but deliver your body the complex nutrition it needs to make feeling awesome the standard.

To start, we have the CogniTea Superfood Smoothie:


- 1 cup of chilled CogniTea

- ½ cup of frozen berries

- 1 TBS almond butter (or any nut butter)

- 1 TBS of raw cacao powder

- 1 TBS of raw maca powder

- 1 tsp of bee pollen (1 spoonful of raw honey)

- 1 dash of cinnamon & a pinch of sea salt


The details

This blend includes frozen berries and almond butter to thicken and tastify your drink. We've added raw cacao and maca, two superfoods that have been used together in medicinal practice for 1,000s of years in South America.They are known as adaptogens, which means they help your body to adapt to stresses imposed on it, whether it be physical, emotional, or neurological.

Next on the list comes bee pollen (or raw honey). This ingredient does more than just sweeten your smoothie, it contains a complex range of vitamins and minerals.

To tie it all together, we add cinnamon and salt… yes salt! Cinnamon is not only delicious, it reduces inflammation and helps neutralize free radicals in the blood stream. If your body was a nightclub, cinnamon would be the bouncer. Salt on the other hand is like a sponge. Before your body can do anything with the food you eat, it needs two things: salt and water. We are literally an internal ocean my friends, and salt is what allows our body to not only absorb H20 but also, all of the nutrients we need to thrive.

And of course, we almost forgot about the final ingredient. a tall glass of ice cold CogniTea!




Hunter is a personal health strategist, media director, and strength & conditioning coach at CrossFit Magnitude in Pembroke, MA. When he is not practicing and teaching others how to optimize their personal biology, Hunter enjoys spending his time in the open air pursuing as many activities as his body can adapt to. He currently lives on a farm and recording studio in Duxbury MA and spends the colder months back at his roots in southern California. 

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