CogniTea is looking for interns!

We are at the Food Loft Internship Fair today meeting some awesome people! We have posted the descriptions below for reference!  

We are looking for - Marketing & Sales, Operations & Logistics, Design & Branding

We’re building a cathedral and laying the first bricks. If you want to help construct a company from the ground up and be an integral part of the business from day 1, you’ll probably want to keep reading.

CogniTea: Quick Hitters

CogniTea is an all-natural tea that helps promote mental clarity and focus. It is made with an amino acid called L-Theanine which helps you to be alert and energized without the jitters and headache typical of coffee or energy drinks. 

We are a newly launched startup, having just wrapped up a successful Indiegogo campaign (raising 250% over our goal!) and are hitting the ground running. We have sweet office space in the brand new WeWork office in Seaport, right near South Station.

Want more?

You like tea, we like tea. But, we’re about more than tea -- we’re about empowering the ambitious, the resilient, and the persistent; those of us living life relentlessly. No matter what we face we are determined to succeed. Sound like you?

Well then, step right up. We’re looking for:

Marketing & Sales

If you want to get in on the ground floor of a startup, it doesn’t get much better than helping a company get their first sales.

Responsibilities include:

  • Customer development, market research, in person demonstrations, content development, devising and implementing marketing campaigns and tactics, community building activities, social media management, copy writing, media relations, lead generation, partnership development, analytics and metric reporting, google adwords testing, etc.

Operations & Logistics

Products need to be shipped and gears need to be greased. You’ll help build the engine that makes the machine run.

Responsibilities include:

  • Processing and shipping orders, optimizing logistics, research and implement operational systems for:

    • logistics;

    • accounting;

    • customer service;

    • vendor relations, etc.

Design & Branding

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither are great brands. In conjunction with everything we do, how we present ourselves is incredibly important, and your work will be the first thing anyone sees.

Responsibilities include:

  • Designing collateral for:

    • website;

    • marketing collateral;

    • packaging;

    • advertising, etc

  • Creating a brand strategy document as it relates to who we are as a company, our tone and messaging, identifying partner brands, etc

Internships are available for spring, fall, and summer semesters (with a 16- to 20-hour per week

commitment). All internships are unpaid, and credit is optional.

Application deadlines:

Summer internship: March 21st

Fall internship: September 1st

Spring internship: December 1st

To apply, send your resume and three ideas you will implement on your first day to:

Alex Kravets

Next-Business Day Shipping

Orders placed before 3pm EST ship next-business day.