Sport Matcha Starter Kit

Due to an inventory system error, we are completely sold out of CogniTea. We sincerely apologize and are working as fast as we can to release a new batch. Current Status (29 OCT): Blend Analysis and Microbial Testing. Next Step: Production and Packing.

Projected Restock Date: 15 NOV.

The quickest way to get started for those who are constantly out and about, hitting the trail, running, and exploring!  Our sport starter kit includes: 

  • (1) I CAN. I WILL. Blender Bottle w/ Wire Whisk Ball
  • (1) Perfect Matcha Spoon
  • (1) CogniTea Matcha Pouch - 30 Servings.   Note - the tin pictured has been replaced with a resealable pouch.

A $49.98 value for $42.99 and FREE shipping,a 15% savings!

Join the Family!