Our Story


Like any great story, ours began with a problem:
so much to achieve, so little time.

In his previous life, founder Alex Kravets was a consultant who spent his days (and nights) flying from coast to coast. Caffeine was a necessity, but every form had its flaws. Coffee made red-eyes redder, while energy drinks were followed by jittery highs and swift crashes.

Instead of searching for a different solution, Alex created his own: CogniTea, a healthy, all-natural tea blend that delivers a clean, focused energy.

But CogniTea is more than a product or a brand. It’s a group of people who believe in the ambitious, the resilient and the persistent. It’s a lifestyle, a decision that we make over and over again: to be better, to feel stronger, to accomplish more.

We hope our story will become a part of yours. That what we create will support you as you pursue your goals and achieve them.

Because we know you can. And we believe you will.

- Alex & The 'CogniTeam'



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